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There were many bands at the Monolith Festival last weekend. In fact, there were so many, it was hard to keep track of all of them (Saturday’s monsoon [I exaggerate...but, really] didn’t help either). The one band everyone seemed to have agreed upon were Colorado’s The Knew. I only say this because I couldn’t walk outside of a media tent on Friday without hearing “Do you know of The Knew? You don’t? OK, well they play on Sunday at 1 o’clock. You’ll be there, right?”

Being the curious individual I am, I figured that I would at least check this band out. I mean, Colorado is cool enough to harbor the Monolith Festival, so why wouldn’t they harbor a kick-ass band? My suspicions were correct, and I was surprised at how hard this band could rock. While other acts were recovering from the night before and maybe not putting as much punch into the early shows with less of a crowd (who were probably also recovering from the night before), The Knew made sure to please the crowd members who did show up, incited jealousy in anyone who missed out.

In case you were one of those who missed out on the Monolith Festival, here is your chance to catch up:

The Knew: A foursome from Colorado who play an interesting mix of traditional blues, country-punk (yes, that’s an accurate example), and good old-fashioned rock. The band just hit the studio to bring you their new full-length album that should be released soon.

Preview: “Renaissance Man”
First Impression: The definition of a care-free rock song.
Listen To: While drinking your favorite beer at your favorite bar.
»Save It: “Renaissance Man”

Preview: “Coldblack”
First Impression: The kind of track that harbors as many consistencies as it does inconsistencies, all the while, still being one great song.
Listen To: When your room mate tells you that you “REALLY” have to check out the new Nickelback song (if this does happen, turn this song up and tell your room mate to suck it).
»Save It: “Coldblack”

Preview: “It’s on Fire”
First Impression: Who said rock music can’t be fun?
Listen To: When you need the perfect background music to the classic bar-fight you just played out in your head (rather than actually creating a bar-fight).
»Save It: “It’s on Fire”


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  • v September 23, 2009

    great songs guys. See ya next year for the fest

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