Lose Weight By Packing Lunches and Snacks

Everyone has their own reasons for gaining weight and having a hard time losing it. But we have found that many people are a victim of the places where they eat. If you are the type of person who often eats lunch outside the house – and snacks outside too – you will gain weight. There is no way around it. You will be tempted by so many different foods throughout each day. And most days, you will cave in, because you want something fun to sustain you for the rest of the work day.

But what if you could change that? What if you could pack your lunches and snacks? You can still make and buy some fun foods, but you will bring things with you instead of being at the mercy of what is available at the stores near you. For instance, you could make a wonderful quinoa salad that you can have in the afternoon. If you have not read about the quinoa vs rice comparisons, you may want to do it now. The quinoa vs rice debate is fairly one sided, as quinoa is much healthier for you.

And the beauty of quinoa is that it is great cold too! You can make a tossed salad with some protein and cold quinoa. You can keep it in the fridge at work and have it when you are ready for your lunch. You can change up the vegetables, protein and the dressing that you make for your salad so that it is always fresh to taste. You do not want to get your mind bored by having the same exact quinoa salad each day!

In terms of snacks, we think that buying some great protein bars will help you. If you look online, you can find affordable protein bars that have low sugar counts. The numbers should be low for both sugar alcohols and sugar. If it only has a few grams of sugar, you are in good shape. Those bars have a lot of protein and other healthy ingredients. It is the ones with too much sugar, which you can easily buy from stores when you are outside, that are bad for you.

Other snack options include packing some celery and hummus. You could even pack a bag of mixed nuts that you enjoy eating. Having such snacks means that when you are craving a little bit of food, you will not be tempted to buy a donut, pastry or a chocolate bar while you are outside.