Galvin Green

Golf Fashion Tips Inspired by Mens Galvin Green

When heading out to the golf course, it’s important to remember to dress the part.  You don’t have to go full out and wear the plaid pants, but a certain sense of decorum should come with the gear.  There are many men’s apparel lines out there that are fashionable without making you feel like an old-timey throwback.  Mens Galvin Green is one of them.  Here are a few tips to help you blend in with the other golfers.

1.    Sun’s Out, Guns NOT Out

Your sleeves should be three quarters of the way between your shoulder and elbow.  Never cover your elbow, that doesn’t look good on anyone.  If you happen to have nicer biceps, it’s okay to let your sleeves be a little higher.  But you want to avoid appearing as if you’re wearing a sleeveless shirt.

2.    Tuck it in

If it’s on the chillier side and you must wear a sweater, make sure the collar of your shirt is neatly tucked into the neck of your sweater.  This also goes for the bottom of your shirt.  Whether you’re wearing a sweater or not, always tuck your shirt into your pants.  This will give you a trim, clean appearance.

3.    Right Pants Length

The bottom hem of your pants legs should barely touch the top of your golf shoes.  You don’t want to expose your socks, nor do you want the hem of your pants dragging under the soles of your shoes.

4.    Proper Shorts

If you must wear shorts, they should fall just above your kneecaps.  Too high and you risk exposing yourself.  Too low and you appearing sloppy.

5.    Trim Outerwear

Don’t buy your jacket too large.  You want a nice fit.  Not only will it keep you from looking messy, but your swing will be unimpeded.  You might think baggy clothes will help free up your form, but it will only serve to impede it.

6.    Sock Length

Your socks should only come to your ankles, never above.  They should be unnoticeable.

Mens Galvin Green

7.    Matching Belt

Your belt should match your shirt.  It will help pull your entire look together.

8.    Try khaki

If you don’t want to wear plaid pants, try a nice set of khakis instead.  They are clean, crisp, and will help bring more attention to your choice of shirt and belt.  Best of all, they match with anything.

9.    Don’t be Too Busy

If you want to wear the wild pants, wear a solid color shirt.  You don’t want to mix patterns and stand out too much.

10.Choose a Color Palette

As well as not mixing patterns, wearing too many colors can be an unwanted distraction.  Try to stick to one or two colors and use them throughout the entirety of your outfit.

11.Avoid the Cargo

You might think the convenience of a thousand pockets is worth it.  But it’s not.  Do not wear cargo pants or cargo shorts.  This should be a rule in your everyday life as well.  Just say no to cargo!