New Material: Ed Harcourt, Russian Roulette

It’s been nearly three years since Ed Harcourt has released any new material. If you’re an Ed Harcourt fan, this is something you’re painfully aware of. But on May 5th, Ed will release Russian Roulette, a six-track EP filled with just as much emotion as any full-length album, and Ed Harcourt fans everywhere will rejoice.

To give you a taste of what’s in store (which is the wrong choice of words, as Russian Roulette will be available only through online retailers), the song, “Caterpillar,” has been released on Ed Harcourt’s imeem page.

Though Harcourt’s songs are known for being deeply personal, “Caterpillar” was written about his newborn daughter and the time she spent in an incubator while he and his wife could do nothing but sit and wait. Harcourt says, “It’s the first song I’ve written about her. She was a little ill and we waited for her in the hospital for the chrysalis so we could take her home.”

Russian Roulette will be released through Dovecote Records on May 5th.

Track listing:

1. Russian Roulette
2. Sour Milk, Motheaten Silk
3. Black Feathers
4. Caterpillar
5. Creep Out Of The Woodwork
6. Girl With The One Track Mind

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