Andrew Dost’s Musical: Columbus

You might be familiar with the band, fun. , who we covered back in April. Well, Andrew Dost is part of all the fun (no pun intended) and plays along with Nathan Ruess and Jack Antonoff. Dost just released something a little different on the side. By “different,” I mean: Musical. That’s right…a freaking musical.

Who said that history was boring? (I think I did circa 2005 when I made my first “D” in college, but that’s a completely different story.) On the other hand, Andrew Dost is bringing hope to teachers across America and created a musical about Christopher Columbus. You know, the guy who killed all those Native Americans.

Dost compiled 17 tracks of this historical story and hopes that it will bring you half the joy he received from making it. After leaving Anathallo, Dost brought life back to a project that he had put to rest; that project is called nothing other than: Columbus. After some hard work and a lot of help from family and friends, Andrew Dost finished recording, writing, and producing the entire musical.

When Dost was asked about the purpose of this musical, he oddly responded with this awkward description on his MySpace:

“The ultimate goal is to live in a house the exact size and shape of a Blue Whale. It will be made of latex, so as to feel realistic, and the tail will be connected to an exercise bike so that when I pedal, it wags. For showers, I’ll just stand above the blowhole.”

“But Andrew, what will the neighbors think?”

Here’s how they’ll think:

“That guy is awesome, he lives in a house the exact size and shape of a blue whale!”

“Yep, he’s a whale of a guy.”

Anyway, this is definitely something to check out. The album can be found on iTunes and also on Paper + Plastick.


For more information on Andrew Dost and his unique musical, visit him at

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